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Find high-quality plumbing gasfitter supplies at Gameco-The Gas Equipment Specialist New Zealand. We offer LPG and Natural Gas Equipment ONLINE in our warehouse in Masterton New Zealand on the North Island but shipping all over New Zealand.Get price


Lordco has been supplying pipeline and process equipment to the New Zealand gas, oil, water and process Industries since 1975. Lordco is heavily involved in the development of New Zealand’s natural gas market and represents many very well known principals who provide specialised quality products for use in the pipeline, plant and process industries.Get price

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The pressure within a gas bottle can be 800-900kPa. This varies based on the ambient temperature, exposure to the radiant heat of the sun and the amount of gas remaining in the gas bottle. However, the required appliance inlet pressure for New Zealand LPG gas appliances is typically only 2.75kPa.Get price

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Sep 04, 2017 · A gas installation is defined as the piping, fittings and appliances downstream of the point of supply. It must be designed, constructed and connected safely and properly certified. This may be from a distribution system or a cylinder supply.Get price

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Every industrial building, large or small, needs to keep air circulating and keep temperatures to a comfortable level. Ventilators are an effective, reliable and maintenance free ventilation solution.Get price


• DUCT INSULATION R0.6: Polyester R0.6 nominal 250 g/m² 40mm thick. • DUCT INSULATION R1.0: Polyester R1.0 nominal 450 g/m² 70mm thick. • DUCT SLEEVE: Fire retardant 75μm black low density polyethylene and UV stabilised. • TEMPERATURE RANGE: Maximum: +80˚C, Minimum: -10˚C. • COLOUR: Silver with black sleeve. NUDEGet price

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In New Zealand, hoses are marked with the letters ‘LPG’ as well as other specifications – so always check; Keep the hose from your heater or BBQ gently curved to avoid kinks and damage; Sometimes gas fails to ignite properly. If that happens, turn off the supply and wait a couple of minutes, to let unburnt gas disperse before you try againGet price

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Spartan Brass. Spartan Superior Brassware is the preferred choice for professional tradespeople in New Zealand. With over 50 years’ experience Spartan has developed a full range of products specifically manufactured for the New Zealand market.Get price

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Apr 05, 2019 · Progressive Insulating Glass Requirements in New Zealand April 5, 2019 April 8, 2019 erogers In February, I had the great pleasure of visiting New Zealand (NZ) to help my Antipodean colleagues do some local market education on the importance of improving the thermal performance of the edge of fenestration (frame and edge of glass).Get price

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Gas Products. MRC Global’s inventory includes gas products that meet the highest performance and quality specifications, ranging from polyethylene pipe, meters and application specific valves to couplings, fittings, cathodic protection and hundreds of accessories and parts.Get price

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Eco Insulation: Environmentally friendly sheepwool, glasswool, polyester and sustainable products for the insulation of homes and commercial applications, Best value home insulation solution for insulation contractors in New Zealand, Absolutely Positively Wellington, Warm up Wellington, Wellington City Council, Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, Cooling, Cool down, earthwool, Pads, knaufGet price

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a distributor, wholesaler, retailer or trader, including online, or private individual selling or offering for sale electrical or gas products in New Zealand an agent to New Zealand. Distributors and retailers should check that compliance requirements have been met before offering products for sale.Get price

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EG Board is suitable for a variety of applications, including roof, wall and floor insulation. This multipurpose PIR insulation board has long been at the heart of EG Board product range and achieves an A+ rating when compared to the BRE Green Guide. Board size: 1000 x 2200mm. Thickness : 30-140mm.Get price

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This range includes cast iron cooking plates for your camping stove, along with spare parts you may require. A selection of LP gas adaptors are also listed, to assist when you need to convert your cylinder connection.Get price

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The R-value is a measurement of insulation effectiveness - the higher the R-value, the better it prevents heat loss. There are minimum requirements for rental homes, new homes and alterations. Use them as a guide for retrofitting ceiling insulation into an existing home – but in all cases, go much higher if you can.Get price

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Thermal SolutioNZ offers wide range of refractory, insulation and technical ceramic products. We carry fire bricks, wood fired pizza oven components, ceramic fibre board, blanket and paper together with crucibles and more. All products are the highest quality for all your insulation solutions.Get price

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Check out our range of gas regulators ideal for any BBQ or commercial gas situation. We have hoses, connectors and regulator spare parts. Brass Fittings - GasGet price

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B16.3-1985 Malleable-iron threaded fittings, Classes 150 and 300 AS1 Table 1 B16.5-1988 Pipe flanges and flanged fittings, steel-nickel alloy AS1 Table 1 and other special alloys B16.9-1990 Factory-made wrought steel butt-welding fittings AS1 Table 1 ANSI B16.11-1980 Forged steel fittings, socket-welding and threaded AS1 Table 1Get price

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AS/NZS 5601.1 Gas Installations AS/NZS 1596 The storage and handling of LPG AS/NZS 1869 Hose and hose assemblies for liquefied petroleum gases (LP Gas), natural gas and town gas UL144 LP- Gas regulators UL252, AGA 205 Compressed gas regulators NF M 88-769 1977 Commercial Propane Installations In Movable Containers – Coupling AndGet price

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Most New Zealand homes that were insulated prior the year 2000 with fibreglass insulation will now have insulation that there is thinner than when it was first installed. If the insulation is from the 1980s or earlier it will most certainly be less than 50 millimetres thick.Get price

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WALL INSULATION Blown Wall Insulation The perfect solution for your existing walls. CosyWall Insulation is a wall insulation system designed to insulate the walls of older homes. It provides thermal and acoustical insulation to existing wall cavities and is installed without the cost and hassle of removing the internal linings.Get price

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RV World is NZleading online store for quality motorhome parts and accessories. If you are building or updating your caravan, campervan or horse float and need RV supplies, you have come to the right place.Get price

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Feb 05, 2019 · Conformity Cooperation Agreement means the Agreement between the Government of New Zealand and the Government of the People’s Republic of China on Cooperation in the Field of Conformity Assessment in Relation to Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Components (which is Annex 14 of the Free Trade Agreement between the Government of New Zealand and the Government of the People’s RepublicGet price

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Home :: Standards New ZealandGet price

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Anode Engineering are the experts when it comes to corrosion control engineering design that is complimented by our own range of corrosion related product and materials for the cathodic protection industry with offices in Australia our subsidiary Lordco in New Zealand and a number of regional partners in South-East Asia.Get price

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Polystyrene is either imported, or polystyrene base material is imported and further processed in New Zealand. It can be sourced throughout New Zealand from recyclers, installers and manufacturers. Some extruded polystyrene sheeting may be imported. Sustainability. Polystyrene is manufactured from a by-product of the petrochemical industry. It’s more sustainable to use insulation made from recycled polystyrene than to use insulation made from new polystyrene.Get price

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We Can Make ANY Kiln Element. We offer a comprehensive replacement /design service for all designs and makes of kiln elements. Prompt Service and Competitive PricesGet price

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Use a utility knife on a hard surface to cut a section of insulation 5-10mm wider. Fit it in place so the section sits tightly between the joists. Make sure there are no creases, folds, or gaps. Do not compress it too tightly either. Use your insulation poker to push the insulation into any tight areas you can’t reach.Get price

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The thickness of insulation: 4 mm (blue), 10 mm (red) and 13mm (orange) The KELOX MULTILAYER system operates to a maximum temperature and pressure of 90°C and 10 bar respectively (up to 95°C/10 bar short term). Suitable for surface-mounted pipe and embedded pipe applications. KELOX PROTEC PUSH FITTINGSGet price

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Victaulic is a global manufacturer of mechanical pipe joining methods (fittings couplings), flow control and fire protection systems and is the inventor of the grooved pipe coupling. We build innovative technologies and provide engineering services that address complex piping challenges faced by engineers, contractors, distributors, siteGet price